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Jeff Crosby & The Refugees


Born and raised in Idaho, Jeff Crosby has been sharing his unique perspective of Americana throughout the US and beyond for the past decade. His songs are a collection from growing up in a small town in Idaho with all of the hardships and beauty of living in small town America, to five years living in a shoebox apartment off Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles CA, then to traveling and living on the road playing 250 shows a year. Though recently making the move to Nashville TN, Jeff continues to spend the majority of his time touring the country.  

After spending the last two years splitting his time between playing guitar for Widespread Panic song-writer Jerry Joseph and performing with his own band, Jeff hit the studio to produce his fourth full length album, Postcards from Magdalena.  The collection of songs was inspired by the places and cultures Crosby experienced while traveling across the U.S., Iceland, the UK., Colombia, Nicaragua, and Alaska.   

Produced and engineered by Gregg Williams (Dandy Worhals, Blitzen Trapper, Pete Droge, Jesse Malin), Postcards from Magdalena was released October 27th by UK label At The Helm Records.

Jeff Crosby on his new record:

This album is collection of songs I had to travel to some bizarre places to find. The last few years I found myself waking up in places like Girdwood, Alaska, Isafjordor, Iceland, Mackay, Idaho, Bristol, UK. I try to make myself write over my first cup of coffee and give myself sort of a bookmark for the feeling of the place I'm in at that moment. That's what got me feeling like these journal entries and songs were almost like postcards from all these places. The town I wrote "Best $25" in was called Taganga, Magdalena in Colombia and I’ve heard the term "Magdalena" from a friend who's really into bird watching out west in Oregon and Idaho. I also found this description of Magdalena in the urban dictionary, “a girl who is sophisticated, gorgeous and down to earth. A Magdalena is a person who is a modern hippie, loves the beach and smoking joints. You can find her dancing in the rain.”

   I don't know how well the "urban dictionary" holds up but I loved that description and have definitely found myself drawn to those types. "Rare beauty" was the best description I think I found which perfectly describes these moments, people, and places that inspired these songs. That's what I'm always looking for and what I find inspiring. A place or person that's just a little different or not conventionally beautiful. And that was the goal when I went into the studio to start this album with Gregg(Williams) in Portland, OR last winter. I feel like we got as close as we could to capturing that feeling. Hope it does the same for you. - JC